Dear Reader,

How to describe who we are…

If you could bottle us, we would bear a label that says “Drink Me”.

If this were a library, we’d be the restricted section.

If this were a haunted house, we would be the attic.

We are the Alibi Family and this is the companion to The Alibi Tent website.

It is hard to describe who and what we are. We travel broadly, read widely, and share it all here in a collection of journal entries, articles, how-tos etc., etc…What you read here comes from the pens of several authors, all who are members of the family or are connected to us in some way. And what you read here will be as varied as who writes it.

So, how do we describe what we are…

In life’s carnival, we’re the The Alibi Tent.

Yours Truly,

Trinket Alibi

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