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I Could Find Her

I can almost smell her perfume still
Hear her footsteps clacking on the busy sidewalk, her friend in tow.

If I dive into town now, my mind on her form, will I find her?
She was here only 36,000 days ago

A cord of delusion tells me I could trace her
Stepping through the gauze layers of time
Asking silent questions of living ghosts
Tracking footsteps in the dust

Have you seen her?
I can hear myself ask shadows.
Did you speak to her then when the brass shop bell rang and she stepped in?
Did she smile when she stepped in the door?

In my mind, I walk the mazes of the town
In and out of shops with my head low and my eyes open wide
in an imaginary path I imagine was hers
when she was here only 36,000 days ago
and 35,999 yesterdays
were still tomorrows.