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Language of Roses


Single red rose= I love you

Single rose of any color= Devotion to a single person

Dozen (12) roses= Love, Gratitude. Reinforces the meaning of the color of the roses.

Two dozen (24) roses= You are always on my mind (24 hours in a day), I belong to you

One hundred roses= Eternal, Unconditional love, (100 years in a century)



White= Purity

Yellow= Friendship

Pink= Friendship with the possibility for Love

Red= Love

Red and White Striped= Unity

Orange= Desire, Pride, Passion

Lavender= Enchantment, Fascination, Adoration

Green= Harmony, Peace, Tranquility

Blue= Since a blue rose cannot be attained naturally, it symbolizes the Unattainable and the Mysterious

Black= Black roses are actually a deep, dark red, they symbolize Endings and Farewell