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national_bat_appreciation_day_collage.jpgBat Conservation International declared this holiday to celebrate the bats returning from their winter migrations and is meant to bring awareness of bats before interactions with man occur.
In honor of our beloved family member Uncle Vlad aka Alexander Martin Gear, we present some friendly bat facts that illustrate how important conservation of our cute, fuzzy, flying friends is to a healthy Eco-system.
• The more than 1,200 species of bats represent about one-fifth of all mammal species
• Bats have the distinction of counting the world’s smallest mammal, the tiny bumblebee bat that weighs less than a penny amongst their ranks
More than two-thirds of bat species hunt insects, including many of the most damaging agricultural pests
• A single little brown bat can eat up to 1,000 mosquito-sized insects in a single hour
• A pregnant or lactating female bat typically eats the equivalent of her entire body weight in insects each night
• Almost a third of the world’s bats feed on the fruit or nectar of plants, making them vital pollinators of countless plants and essential seed dispersers with a major role in regenerating rainforests
Only three (3) species of bat are vampires. They are all in Latin American and have an enzyme in their saliva that is among the most potent blood-clot dissolvers known and is used to treat human stroke victims.