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Some younger members of the Alibi family have an interest in podcasting. Podcasting has offered them the opportunity to discuss movies, television, music, the supernatural and travel without the bother of typing it all out. And considering how fast the young seem to move these days, it really is better not to frustrate their communication efforts by introducing a keyboard.

Two of our cousins, Cherry, an Alibi family member who usually contributes to these podcasts, and Danielle who came in from out of town, sat down to discuss Series 3 of BBC’s Sherlock.

The Breakfast Scene Ep. 1: Shrinking Sherlock and The Empty Hearse
~Cherry and visiting cousin Danielle discuss The Empty Hearse, Episode 1, Series 3 of BBC’s Sherlock. They explore plot, story development, parallels and differences between television and movie adaptations, the references Sherlock’s writers make to Conan Doyle’s work and the qualities of sociopathy and how it is portrayed on the show.

The Breakfast Scene Ep. 2: Shrinking Sherlock and The Sign of Three
~Cherry and cousin Danielle discuss The Sign of Three, Episode 2, Series 3 of BBC’s Sherlock. They continue their discussion about Sherlock’s all-important sociopathy as well as story adaptations and parallels, the terrible interior decoration at John and Mary’s event space, Sherlock and John’s drunken evening out, the astounding number of attractive men present in the episode, and Sherlock’s rapid mystery-solving during his best man speech.

The Breakfast Scene Ep. 3: Robo Villain and His Last Vow
~Cherry and Danielle discuss His Last Vow, Episode 3, Series 3 of BBC’s Sherlock. They cover the references made to Conan Doyle’s work, Mrs. Watson’s secret talent, Sherlock’s strange standards of villainy, how and why Sherlock is related to Spock, the return of a certain arch enemy, and their hopes and wishes for Series 4.