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To help you have a successful and pleasurable International Flirting Week, we are sharing with you 5 common flirting tactics you should AVOID.

Don’t overshare. It is true that women bond by talking over life details but flirting isn’t about bonding. Flirting is about testing the waters and seeing if the other person has a mutual interest and is worth getting to know better.

No hitting, not even playfully. Yes, ladies, this goes for you too. Flirting, in general, is about investigating the other person, predominantly through conversation and body language. Contact is inappropriate at this time.

Don’t come on too strong. Stay as relaxed and casual as possible and refrain from being too aggressive or making sexual innuendos.

Avoid insulting statements and conversation killers. Comments such as left-hand/backhanded compliments, confusing statements, topics in poor taste or that may make the other person feel uncomfortable.

Don’t bring up your exes. EVER.