The important thing is that you move, indeed.

Brigid's Cauldron, Prometheus' Fire

The word strive and I came together recently over the subject of fellowships. Fellowships, at least in the arena of writing, are wonderful opportunities for writers to grow and work on their craft in a rich and supportive academic atmosphere. There are many colleges that offer fellowship (usually involving a stipend and free board in their housing) to eligible candidates so that those candidates may complete or begin a work that would otherwise hang in limbo due to the demands of everyday life. However, within the wording of the benefits of a fellowship, several colleges used the term “strive” as something they wanted to help their artists do. This is where I frowned.

They want to HELP them to STRIVE.

When think of the word “strive” I think of  sweat and struggle and pain and the stretch of a thousand tiny tendons in my neck. I imagine reaching for something…

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