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humbug_collageThe holidays…

Whether you find yourself on the Love It or Leave It side, for many, it has proven to be a very stressful time of year.

Therefore, it is in the interest of maintaining both physical and mental holiday health that we put forth this “holiday” to you; Humbug Day.

We are not advocating walking around and spreading anti-love so thick it would do a Dicken’s character proud. Instead, we suggest to take some time to acknowledge any frustrations and fatigue experienced by adding your hectic holiday routines to a normally busy, possibly over-loaded schedule.

If you find you don’t feel the pressure or a need for a holiday time-out, then look to your loved ones and co-workers. Your positive attitude combined with a little patience and understanding could be the perfect gift to a person wound so tightly due to holiday over-commitment, they themselves may not realize it.

While the founders of this holiday suggest 12 Humbugs per person, we feel you can use as many as you need 😉

Any suggestions for coping with holiday stress? We’d love if you would share them.