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Some of us are laying-over somewhere in Alabama tonight to wait out the ice and snow from winter storm Boreas but earlier today we were traveling along I-10 in Louisiana and trying to stay ahead of the storm that had been following from Houston. We needed to make a fuel stop so we let the GPS guide us and soon we could see a sign for the Tiger Truck Stop. We figured it was going to be a Exxon franchise; we were wrong. As we pulled up, behind a grey fence, walking toward us was a live tiger.

Now, we have very strong feelings, to the negative, about people keeping exotic animals as pets. Overall, we feel it is a unrealistic endeavor that, more often than not, offers an unhealthy life for the animal. They are given an inadequate and stressful living situation that leads to cruelty, neglect, illness and eventually, death.

After using the facilities (in lieu of the situation,we decided to not buy fuel) we headed to another station and I got on my smartphone and did some research. Below are just a few of the sources I read and I think give perspectives from both sides of this argument. The story of Tony, the Siberian-Bengal tiger, is a bit complicated with mistakes made on each side. However, in the end, what is important is the quality of life available to this 13 year old tiger that is quite healthy and still has his claws; an important detail that makes Tony’s choices limited.

So, if you care about Tigers, endangered animals, exotic pets or animals in general, you may want to take a few moments to read these articles, view the videos and consider the evidence. Then, take your informed opinion to tigertruckstop.com and let your feelings been known and/or sign the petition.

Lies about Tony

What is Best for Tony?

Tiger Truck Stop

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