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Fall Wreath

Over the centuries, the wreath has been used to symbolize and honor many different situations and events. When used as decoration for the home, the wreath most often was a symbol of a fruitful harvest with the hope of another next year, or, in spring, the rebirth of nature. Its simple construction and easy-to-hang shape makes the wreath a very attractive option to people who wish to tastefully decorate.

Today, we are sharing with you our Fall Wreath. It is a modern take on an old favorite, both whimsical and classic. And, of course, open to your own interpretation.

Item List

  • Wooden embroidery hoop (Mine was 8in.diameter)
  • Fabric 1-2in and about 10in long, cut haphazardly into strips. I used organza and tulle but you can use just about any fabric you wish.
  • Crystal and acrylic flatback gems
  • Gemtack glue


1) Cut LOTS of strips. I had about 180 strips of each color. So, for an 8in hoop it takes around 720 strips, a smaller diameter hoop will need less, a larger will need more.

2) For a full and fluffy look, make sure when you tie the strip to the hoop that the knot shows to the front or is on the thin part of the hoop.

3) Complete tying all the fabric strips to your hoop until it is as full as you would like.

4) I chose gems to add a little sparkle and dimension to the wreath. You could add a bow, or letters to spell a greeting or a name, ornaments or charms. Let your imagination be your guide!