Many times we Alibi’s are asked, “How can I make my eyes have that lovely gold shine like yours?”

To which we often reply, “What gold shine?”

Well, the other day while a few of us were out for the monthly shopping trip and venturing through the many chain department stores in our current location, Cousin Xavier happened across one of these;

ImageIn interest of the young woman in the picture and her family (should they still reside in the area) we will not divulge the location of the store but we thought it was in particular bad taste defacing her photo this way…however, it did give us an idea. This must be what so many of our visitors are referring to!

Not being ones to quibble over minor details like color, Cousin Xavier mentally deconstructed and reverse engineered the poor woman’s photo and now we will share how you, our visitors, may achieve this much desired effect in your and your family photos.

1. Scan into or retrieve from your computing machine some fetching family photos and trim photos to fit picture frame (if possible, size appropriately on the computer before printing).

2. Glue photo facsimile to a piece of stiff cardstock.


3. Trim cardstock to fit the picture frame.

4. Poke holes in the windows to the soul (the ones in the picture, not…you know).

Image5. Remove glass from the picture frame.

6. Place photo in the picture frame and push micro LED light bulbs (preferably battery operated) through the eyes of your family member.


Voilà! C’est fini!