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alibi chandelier close up

Needless to say, not all of us have a family fortune gathering dust in a vault to make such a purchase or a chateau in which to hang such a light. At least, not anymore, but that’s a different story…

All squandered fortunes and crumbling stone walls aside,  where there is a burning desire but little means and no fortune, there is the Alibi way of achieving a variety elegance.

Let us show you the way…Stay close to the candle, the stairway can be treacherous.

Parts List:
Metal plant hanger, inverted
Strips of organza in preferred colours
4 yards of ribbon
6 Battery-powered tea lights or votives (they last longer and they allow for all the wonders of magic without the dangers of enkindling your creation)
6 Tea light or votive holders

Alibi chandelier how to steps

1. Attatch four six in. sections of ribbon to the bottoms of the tea light or votive candle holders with hot glue. Arrange ribbons in an “X” pattern to create stability.
2. Carefully tie candle holders to the inverted plant hanger making sure they are level. Create a tiered effect by tying holders on different sections of the plant hanger.
3. Tie the organza to the plant hanger to create a delightful tattered appearance. Place at different levels and on different sections of the plant hanger
4. Add extra embellishment to taste. Babiole allowed us to use some of the family jewelry for sparkle.
5.Hang and enjoy.