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In honor of World Cat Day and the love of my own pad-footed predators, I am devoting this blog to cats. Since it is a world holiday, I wanted to represent a little international flavor.

Many times when people hear Montmartre mentioned they think of Moulin Rouge and it’s bohemians. There is another popular site located here;  Montmartre Cemetery, host to Degas, Foucault, Truffaut, Zola, Dumas and other famous names.

As you walk amongst the beautiful memorial statuary and headstones, you may notice you are being silently watched by quick green and gold eyes from between the grave markers and from atop mausoleum rooves. That’s because over 90 cats make Montmartre Cemetery their home.

While these felines would technically be considered strays, thanks to a few devoted locals, they do not go hungry. They are well fed with both dry and moist food and all have been given names.

Help to save the most iconic big cat – Only 3,200 wild tigers left.

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